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The Pikesville Schools Coalition identifies as a coalition of community groups, educators and individuals committed to the advancement of Pikesville area schools.

Area schools that are a focus include Bedford, Fort Garrison, Milbrook, Summit Park, Wellwood and Woodholme Elementary, as well as Pikesville Middle and High Schools.

The Coalition has created a forum to give the community a voice in their schools, and depends on volunteers to assist with the mission and goals to bring about positive change and improvements.

The Coalition has also helped to bring both Pikesville Middle and High into the era of digital learning by advocating for them to be one of the first adopters of the Lighthouse Schools Program. They have also advocated for the renovation of Pikesville High, which has created a state of the art building and learning environment for the Pikesville Community!

pikesvilleschoolscoalitionHow can you help?

Please request to join the Pikesville Schools Coalition Facebook page here. Be on the lookout for meetings, committees and events where you can help improve schools in the Pikesville community!

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